Coming Soon - Continuing Education Credits
This text is currently under review as a home study course offering up to 26 continuing education credits.  If you purchase the book now and would later like to add the home study component for continuing education credits they will be available for purchase as an add on item for the difference in cost.  We anticipate being able to offer continuing education credits in the spring of 2018.

A Brain-Based Approach to Eating Disorder Treatment
by Laura Hill, PhD

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What is the text about and what is included in it?
Who is this text for?
Why Anorexia Nervosa as the primary focus?
How did this new 5-Day Treatment develop?
Who has been involved in the 5-Day Treatment development?
Why an E-Text format?
How can I use the E-Text format?
Why is The Center for Balanced Living training other providers in this treatment approach?
What is the cost?
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